Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope that you did, as well. And, now, it seems to be time for craziness. I have three weeks left in the semester, and then grading, grading, grading. But, I am very fortunate to have some time off after that (almost a month before the spring semester begins). Other than school, I also am in charge of Sunday school Christmas program. Not sure how I took on this responsibility other than that I am the kids Sunday school teacher. I have had about 2 or 3 of my kids show up on any given Sunday, but should end up with about 12 in the program. Well, whatever happens, at least it will be entertaining.
Amidst all of this craziness, I am really going to work hard to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I have much to do to prepare my heart for the birth of Christ. I need to be less judging and more forgiving, and that is something I will be working on.
Now, let's set that aside for the moment and check out some cards. First, I have a Christmas card using SPCC combo 128.The snow and sentiment are from SP&Co. stamps. The paper, tree die, and sparkles are from amuse. I also scribbled on the tree with a sparkle pen, but I don't think you can see it. Check out SPCC for ideas and prize info and give these colors a try.
Other card info will be added later, after I get some grading done. Until then, I wish you all the peace and joy of the season that cannot be found in a Black Friday sale or a shopping mall.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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What a wild and crazy week it was! I had so much to do and the week flew by. I am blessed to be off this week, so I am going to slow the pace a bit. I have so very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Aside from all of the material blessings, I have an amazing family composed of folks to whom I am related by blood or by marriage, as well as those who are my family because of a bond of mutual love and caring. As if that wasn't enough, I have a sense of peace about my life and my faith in God's love for me.
Here is just a glimpse of last week. First is the new color combo for this week. Check out Sami's blog for prize info and lots of great ideas. I used a fun rosette on this card (made some of them in the card classes I have been attending - serious fun with gals who are anything but serious). I used SP & Company Round Sentiments I.The next thing to show you is a quilt that I put together late last week. Our pastor and his husband left Sunday after 11 years of ministry. As part of our efforts to honor them and send them off with a special memento of their time here, we each created a quilt square with a special message. I even stamped on some of them, which was fun. Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time, and not everyone created a quilt square. But the quilt came together beautifully, and I know that they will enjoy it. I haven't done much sewing lately and have missed it. I might just start doing some more stamping on quilts.The remainder of the week was filled with quizzes and tests and grading, a Thanksgiving potluck feast with my Flint Hills PFLAG family, and a trip to Wichita (100+ miles away) for a recheck with my oncologist - just good news, so it was a lovely trip. All in all, it was a good week.
I hope that all of you have a beautiful Thanksgiving. We (DH Alan, DD Bree, and me) will be spending the day with our love-created family, and I know that we will have so much fun. My DD Sarah and her husband and kids will go to his parents. Hopefully I will get to see them over Christmas break Sarah emailed my some pics of the kids today. DS Andrew and his wife and daughter will be with her family, as always. And my youngest, Alli, has chosen to stay "home" and relax in her apartment instead of coming home. I think she's afraid that I will put her to work if she comes here. It's her choice, and I hope that she has a relaxing day. I love them all so very much. And I love you, my friends, and wish you all of the best that life has to offer.

SPCC #126 and Some Butterflies

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This is just a quick post with the new SPCC color combo for this week. For me, it just screamed Christmas, so I went with that. My card is very simple. I cut two triangles of Amuse polka dot paper (love this stuff) and one larger triangle of green (Bazzill, maybe, but not sure exactly what color). I stamped the SP&Co Musical Background Stamp using Versamark, and then embossed with silver EP. I popped the green tree up, and used some of SP&Co Bold Sentiments II Holiday stamps. I love the way these sentiments mix and match.
If you want to try this week's color combo, check out the SPCC blog. You might win a nice prize. Also, if you want to check out all of the SP&Co stamps, click here.
My next cards are ready to add a quick sentiment based on the occasion - very versatile. I used some of my favorite colors and my favorite stamp, SP&Co Musical Butterfly.The pictures were taken with my phone, which isn't great. I had to switch computers, and not only lost all of my bookmarks, but couldn't read my camera SD card. Aarrgggghh! Frustrating. I know that it is a minor frustration, compared to what many folks have to deal with. Take care, my friends. Have a great week, and be kind to yourself.

SPCC 125

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This is just a quick post with this week's color combo. If you didn't see my previous post, be sure to check it out - lots of fun!
This week's color combo is kind of spring/summer, which is kind of nice to think about on this cold, rainy evening. Sami has a wonderful prize for a randomly drawn winner, so try this combo and have some fun. I used a*muse studios paper, stamps, and ink for this "care about you" card. I even did a little Copic coloring.