Another Kind of Contest

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I entered a contest at AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) to win a new car. To enter, you must own a real clunker, and send a photo and 100 words or less (creativity counts) to justify why you should win. Here is my entry "essay" to accompany my photo. Pretty bad, huh?

Give "Props" to the Seats

The once-proud 'Burb has seen better days,
Passengers duck as the headliner sags.
The dry-rot above it showers the riders,
With crumbling foam padding that feels much like spiders.

Give "props" to the threadbare, broken-backed seats;
Or bend over backward in the King of the fleet.
The steering column is loose and wobbles about.
The finish is faded, both inside and out.

The body itself is a love's labor, quaint.
Rust held together with splotches of paint.
Three hundred thousand miles it's gone.
Not sure if it'll make it through to the dawn.