Stampin' With My Peeps

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Hello Friends! Last Saturday, I spent the entire day stampin' with my Angel Company friends. We sure had a lot of fun. We always laugh a lot and share our joys and sorrows. It was wonderful therapy, and helped to relieve my mind about my worries. When we share our struggles, everybody helps to carry the load a little.
Surprisingly, I also got some card-making done! I have so many wonderful friends and family helping to carry my burdens that I made some thank you notes to have on hand. These little toads are from one of my favorite TAC sets (now discontinued - Boo Hoo). The DP is from Hip Hop. I've shown you the inside, too. I also made a couple of birthday cards for my granddaughters. Adelyn will turn two in couple of weeks, and her cousin Addison will be one, just three days later. The ladybugs are from a discontinued set, and the chickie is from a set called Cupcake Cuties. I colored the image with my Copics. I hope that the girls like their cards. The last card is for my bff Caren. She continues to amaze me with her strength, courage, and love of laughter and mischief. She is a breast cancer survivor, and has been through a lot. And she believes that each day is a gift to be enjoyed and reveled in.
I have spent the last couple of days wrapping up my classes and preparing lessons, quizzes, and tests for my substitute. I plan to take four weeks off to recover from surgery. I have also been keeping myself busy cleaning and decluttering and getting caught up on laundry. Keeping busy keeps me from getting too nervous and anxious about the days ahead. Also, I want to come home to a clean house, and the only two choices I had for that were either to clean my house, or go to someone else's. I am still keeping that as an option (LOL).
Just a couple of days left to wait, and I will be in Wichita. Surgery is first thing Monday morning, and it will be a long morning - but not for me, because I will get to sleep through it all!
I will update when I can. I thank you for the love and prayers. You just don't realize how very you mean to me.


Curt in Carmel said...

Your cards are wonderful. I LOVE that little round chick holding that cupcake. What a cutie! And the sweet umbrella girl is adorable. I know you'll have lots on your mind this weekend, but try not to worry too much about Monday. You're going to do just fine, I just know it. Remember "Be Brave". . .Also, could I have your snailmail address? I'd like to send you a card if I may. All my best, Curt