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Today's post is a mix of ramblings that kind of fits my rambling thoughts. I have one card to share with you, and plan to have some more soon. This is my first House Mouse post. I absolutely love HM (and I covet Curt's collection, even though I am not supposed to covet - but I love Curt, so it's okay, I guess). I colored this image using my Prismacolors. Haven't done much coloring with them lately, but find it a nice break from Copics. I treated myself to some new pencils, because the set I had was about 25 years old (my hubby had gotten it for me for Christmas then to use in designing quilts).
This morning, my daughter, Bree, and I went to the Farmer's Market. I love the FM. It is such a delightful small-town atmosphere. The weather was cool, which is so welcome after the hot summer we had. The last time we went to the FM, we ran into my son and his wife. I didn't see them at first, but saw their daughter. I thought "What a sweet baby", and then I saw my son and realized that the chubby 14-month-old was my granddaughter. As I have mentioned before, my son and his wife have cut contact with us. But I went right up to them and made casual conversation as if we were best friends. And I looked at my precious granddaughter, touched her cheek, and said, "You don't know me sweetheart, but I am your grandma." I must say that I enjoyed their discomfort. Bree just stood there smiling and looking gorgeous. The following week was a bit tough, but I am fine now. I surround myself with beautiful positive people (and I visit blogs of beautiful positive people like Seleise, Heather, Curt, Audrey, Sami, to name a few).
Now, back to today. After the FM, we went to JoAnn's. They had an Ott Lite on clearance, and I must have indicated that I really wanted one, because Bree bought it for me as my Christmas present. I am just giddy about it. Bree was teasing me and said I would have to wait until Christmas to have it. I pulled rank and threatened her, so she gave it to me now! It has a craft caddy in the base, and folds up for portability. As if that wasn't enough, she cooked a delicious stir fry dinner....Mmmmmm.
Not much else going on right now. I am watching some college football. I am the only one who likes to watch it. My youngest daughter, Alli, is in town this weekend for the K-State game. Hopefully I will see her tomorrow before she heads back to her apartment. She stays with friends when she is in town - more fun than Mom and Dad. We live quite close to the stadium, so we can hear the crowd during the games. I love crowds when they are half-a-mile away!
Have a great week, my friends. Take care of yourselves, because I know that you always take care of others.


Krunoslav said...
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Seleise said...

Love your card! and, so glad we all lift each other up and see the positive in each other. Life is too short for the other nonsense. Enjoy your new light - awesome! hugs and love!

Leanne said...

Nice card, thanks for playing our color challenge at SPCC!

Leanne SP Color Diva!

Curt in Carmel said...

Awesome post! First thanks for your very kind comments about me. I certainly feel the same way about you. You are an amazingly strong person, and I admire you so. LOVE your House Mouse card. Your coloring is beautiful! I so prefer colored pencils over Copic for some reason. Great gift too! Food looks fabulous. . .Now, I saved the best till last. . .I would have given anything to see their little sweet christian faces when you bounded up to them! LOL I bet they needed to go home and change pants! And I was so proud of you for telling that sweet child you were her Grandma! You go girl. On the other hand, I know that it had to be so very hard for you and the swell of emotions must have been something to recon with. But you showed such strength and courage and I for one am so very proud of you! I so believe that things happen for a reason, and this "chance" visit was anything but "chance" in the scheme of things. Bless your heart. . .Hugs, Curt

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, my sweet Susan! OMG, this is just the cutest little hous mouse card!!! I love how you've colored him -- what a great job!!!

LOL! I just love Curt too, so we just have so many things in common, my friend!!! LOL!!!

Btw, that dish looks delicious!!!

Susan, I really appreciate you sweetie stopping by always to check in on me. What a wonderful friend you are!!! I am feeling so much better, I just can't sit up for long periods comfortably. I began a project today, but haven't finished it yet -- but for what I did, I had soooo much fun!!! Really looking forward to getting back to my passion... heee-heee!

Hugs, sweetie!

P.S. I hope you're taking care of yourself too. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers my friend!

Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Kiddo! Just checking in on you to see how you are and to say thanks for always leaving me such great comments. You are a special blogging buddy for sure, and I just wanted you to know that! Hope you are well and that things are going well for you. Best, Curt

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Susan! You've been on my mind and I've haven't seen that you've checked in with any new post, so I decided to stop by to say "hi". Also, to let you know that I hope all's well and you're always in my prayers, my friend! You're not forgotten!

Hugs to you!

Patti J said...

Hi Susan, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! Sounds like you and I share blogging friends! I agree with everything that Curt says, and I hope that the kids someday realize what they've lost and come back into your life. My friend just had a son contact her after 9.5 years, so it's possible that things will work out for you too! My thoughts and prayers will be with you!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Sue! Thinking of you so I dropped by to say hi -- again!!! LOL!!!