I Learned What an RAK is! Thanks Kristin!

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About two weeks ago, I was notified by this amazingly sweet and talented sister SPCC Diva that I was the lucky winner of an RAK! I did a little happy dance even though I didn't know what an RAK was! I had been away from the internet for a few days (and was obviously going through withdrawal), so I didn't even know that she had a give-away. I emailed Kristin at Leading a Craftastic Life to thank her and ask her what an RAK is. She informed me that it is a Random Act of Kindness (she did not add, "Duh, everybody knows that!" but she should have). Well, the package arrived last week while I was in Florida, visiting my sister and enjoying a needed break from a stressful time. When I got home, I had the joy of her wonderful package of goodies! You can see what adorable and wonderful things she sent : a beautiful bracelet, sweet cards, an adorable picture frame, the cutest clipboard you can imagine, a lovely bookmark and keyring, some chipboard, some envelopes, and she even added the sweetest "Grow Your Own Rubber Ducky". The great news is that she sells many of these wonderful items in her etsy store, Craftastic Boutique. So check out her blog and her store and see for yourself how amazing she is!


Kristin said...

Sue, you wonderful lady! Thank you so much! I hope you'll be able to enjoy it all!!

brenda said...

Hi Sue

Followed a link to your site and what a treat, some lovely work.

B x